I am Tarek, age 26+. I live in Uora in Dhaka.

I am Tarek, age 26+.  I live in Uora in Dhaka
 As I said before I am a secret crossdresser.  I look ugly.  Milk and ass are like girls.  Today I will share another incident that happened to me.

 The time is 2018.  October is the month.  My office was at Bhaluka in Mymensingh.  Being far away from home, I used to rent a one-room flat on the roof of a 4-story house next to the office.  The house is very small.  Attached bathroom and a small kitchen.  A room is best for being alone.  A lot of openness as there are no big buildings around.  Big roof in front of my room.  Very nice garden on the roof.  No one comes to the roof.  Only in the afternoon the landlord's family takes occasional walks.  And they have security guards who come and water the trees.  My office is from 9 am to 5 pm.  After that there is no more work.  So most of the time I stay in the room without any clothes.  Watch porn, touch hands, read girls' bra-panties.  The whole is my free reign.  I go home every Thursday and sometimes I don't.  But we don't have sex for a long time because most of the people in this area work in my factory.  If anyone sees me like this, I will be ashamed.  Although I regretted sex, I was enjoying myself alone. Read more click here